junkyarn podcast // episode six

No show notes this week folks! If you want to know anything about things I might have mentioned in the episode this week, please contact me here or on Ravelry.

I am in the process of moving the blog to a different platform, so everything will return to normal once that’s complete!

junkyarn podcast // episode five

“Never have I ever” Giveaway Details!

You can enter the giveaway two ways: on Instagram and Ravelry. By posting a picture (with the hashtag #junkyarn500) of yourself doing something fibery you’ve never done before (knitting a new-to-you pattern, using a new yarn, etc.). The possibilities are endless. The giveaway will be open until April 5th/Easter. I will announce winners on the podcast episode the next Sunday (April 12th).

Prizes include: a skein of Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn in the one-off colorway Potluck, a skein of BMO self-striping sock yarn from Coloring Book Yarns, the Woven shawl pattern by Casapinka, and some goodies! I will also be giving away a few patterns from the lovely Shannon Cook for her Loslassen and Laylow shawls. [I will draw for a total of five prizes!]

Works in Progress

Potter’s Shawl by Jen Lucas in Swan’s Island Fingering in Terragon — Come join the Potter’s Shawl KAL on the Ravelry group!

Cozy Memories Blanket — Thank you so much to the sweet viewers who have sent me minis for my blanket! I can’t wait to knit them in and think of you!

Vintage Rose Stitch Markers

Wedding Sweater Update


Biston shrug by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark (from Wool People Vol. 3)

Anzula Squishy and Anzula Nebula 

Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the channel, gotten in touch on Instagram or Ravelry, or sent me a message! I love hearing from you all! 

junkyarn podcast // episode four

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about the podcast or contributed to the Ravelry group in the past week! I’ve loved reading and responding to your messages (even if I am a little behind on those…).

Thank you to Maria of Stitched in Sweden for mentioning Junkyarn and saying such lovely things about the podcast. Thanks to Andi of My Sister’s Knitter for sharing a link to the podcast. Her blog is on my must-read list whenever she posts something new!


Please let me know with a comment here or a message on Ravelry if you might be interested in any of the yarn I mentioned in the podcast.


2 skeins of Paton’s Kroy Sock Stripes in Sing n’ the Blues Stripes

1 skein of Imperial Yarns Tracie Too Sport in Honeydew

1 skein of Cascade 220 Heathers

1 skein of MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino Sport

**FYI for those allergic to cats: These yarns have been living inside a cabinet away from cats, but I can’t guarantee they won’t have a few cat hairs somewhere.

“Never have I ever” Giveaway

To enter the “never have I ever” giveaway, post a picture of yourself here (or on Instagram under the hashtag #junkyarn500) that embodies the theme.

You can be…:

  • knitting with yarn you’ve never used before
  • trying a technique you’ve always been afraid to try!
  • knitting in a PLACE you’ve never knitted in before (for inspiration on this, check out Stephen West’s Instagram)

The iterations of this theme are up to you entirely!

The giveaway will be open until Sunday, April 5th (also happens to be Easter).

Two prize packages will be given to two lucky participants including sock yarn Hedgehog Fibres or Coloring Book Yarns, a pattern, and some goodies from me!

Additionally, three more patterns have been graciously donated by Casapinka (for her Woven Shawl) and Shannon Cook (one for her new Loslassen Shawl and one for her Laylow shawl)!

Potter’s Shawl KAL

I’ve opened a group on Ravelry for the Potter’s Shawl knitalong. Let me know if you might be interested in knitting the Potter’s Shawl with us!

de-stash part one // buy my knitting books and magazines!

2015-03-05 18.28.45It’s not quite spring, but I’m doing some spring cleaning and I’m selling off some knitting and crocheting books!

First, a disclaimer: I’d love to keep all of these books and magazines. I bought them all for a reason: because I wanted to knit or make something out of them. But unfortunately, I’ve got to get real and admit that I never will. A secondary disclaimer: these books have some minimal shelf-wear, but they are in very good condition. And let’s face it, it’s the patterns that count!

Click the titles of the books to see the Ravelry listings for all the patterns inside.

If you’re interested in purchasing a book, please leave me a comment here or send me a private message on Ravelry with your address and I’ll calculate the shipping based on where you live! 

Stitch n’ Bitch by Debbie Stoller –  $5.00

Stitch n’ Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller – $7.00

2015-03-05 18.29.25 Mollie Makes Crochet [Hardcover] – $12.00

magazine 2 collage

Burda Verena Spring 2011 –  $4.00

Knit.Wear Spring 2012 –  $6.00

Knitter’s Magazine #96 Fall 2009 – $3.00

magazine collage

Debbie Bliss Fall/Winter 2013 – $5.00

Debbie Bliss Fall/Winter 2011 – $4.00

Debbie Bliss Fall/Winter 2009 – $4.00

in praise of dreamy packaging

packaging collageOn the most recent episode of my podcast, I mentioned how much I love checking the mail. This is a problem as I also love shopping (especially for yarny things). So you can imagine how this can easily become a problem!

I finally made a purchase from The Vintage Rose after hearing about her stitch markers on many podcasts and blogs. I chose to get four claw markers because I like to use them as “progress markers”. Dangly stitch markers annoy me as row markers, but these are like jewelry for your knitting! I chose a betta fish (in honor of my blue betta, Freddie Mercury), a pegasus, a mermaid and a sweet little birdhouse. They were packaged up so nicely in tiny bag with a handwritten thank you card.

On my Instagram I shared a picture of the package I received from Little Bobbins. I placed an order of three DPN cozies — my DPNs are constantly jabbing through my project bags — and look how they arrived! Each one has a hand-stamped tag with a tiny stitch marker affixed to it! Dani is all about sweet details, so I appreciated seeing her personality come through in her packaging.

Great packaging gets me every time! What elements do you like to see in packaging for online orders?

junkyarn podcast // episode three

Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed to the podcast on YouTube, joined the Ravelry group, or reached out to me in the last week! A special thanks to Molly of A Homespun House and Kristin of Yarngasm for mentioning me on their most recent episodes.

You can find the newly-made Ravelry group for the podcast under Junkyarn Podcast.

Finished Objects (sort of)

+ Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner – Inspired by Dani of Little Bobbins Knits who knit her Paton’s Kroy socks in record time (if it wasn’t a real record, I’m deeming it so here).

+ More squares on my sock yarn / Cozy Memories blanket

Works in Progress

+ Woven by Casapinka in Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply (Perfectly Wreckless colorway)

Epic Sock Yarn Haul!

+ Regia “Stripemania” 6-ply in “Lake” and “Forest” [[I’m putting these in quotes because I’m not sure whether these are the real names of these colorways — these are what I found on Simply Socks]]

+ Cascade Heritage Prints in Pop and Phoenix

+ Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn in Pod

+ Fiberstory Fave Sock in Maki

+ Anzula Luxury Fibers Squishy in Au Natural

+ Anzula Luxury Fibers Nebula in Au Natural

+ Mini Skein Set (5 skeins) from Knitty and Color

+ Knitter’s Pride Karbonz 40″ circular in size 1/2.25mm

+ Eucalan Eucalyptus delicates wash

**Check out the Ravelry group for details on the Multinational Sock Yarn swap!**